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Sunair Products New Product Announcements & News
Celebrating 30 Years 1984-2014
Sunair Celebrates 30 Years!
Read the complete history of how Michael Sunday started and grew what is today Sunair Products.
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2014 Orifice Tubes Product Line
POE 32 & 68 Refrigerant Lubricants 7-2014
York Style Compressors & Clutches
Denso Style 10S Compressors 6-14
Sanden Rear Heads 4-2014
New Driers & Accumulators 4-2014
New PAGs with ICE 32® and UV Dye
Super Heavy Duty Compressors 3-2014
Eaton Aeroquip A/C Hose & Fitting Catalog
New HD Truck Accumulators & Driers 9-2013
New Automotive Expansion Valves 6-2013
New Accumulators & Driers 6-2013
Sunair Bus A/C Parts Catalog
ICE 32 High Performance Auto A/C Treatment
New A/C Electrical Connectors 11-2012
New Coated Metal Gaskets 10-2012
Updated Electronic Control Valves 8-2012
HFO-1234yf Charging Solution 8-2012
New Mechanical Control Valves 5-2012
New Clutch Pulley Bearings SAE 5-2012
Universal Compressor Swivel Manifold
2012 York Compressor Clutches
GM A6 / Sunair S6™ Replacement Parts
2011 Pressure & Electric Switches
2011 TM Clutches & Parts
Dodge / Jeep Compressors In Stock
New HS18 Compressor Clutch
2011 Heavy Duty Pressure Switches
New Import Valve Core
Kubota Compressor, Clutch & Drier
2011 Sanden Heads & Manifolds
New 10S20F Compressor
Steel Denso Style Direct Drive Clutches
New Receiver Driers & Accumulators
New Block & Peanut Expansion Valves
CA-109A Corvette Clutch Update
A/C Sealing Washers
Compressor Clutch Parts - NEW!
A/C Heavy Duty Connectors
Denso Direct Drive Clutches and Parts
Hybrid Electric A/C Lubricant
A/C Manifold Charging Gauge Sets
Sanden and Denso Clutches - NEW!
Porous Plastic Orifice Tubes
New Sanden SD7V16 Adapter
HD Truck Sealing Washers
Sunair US 2009 Oil Product Line
Vacuum Pumps
Leak Detection UV Dye
York and Sanden Clutch Assemblies
Valve Core Torque Tool
Import V5 Clutch Coil CC-501A
GM A6 Sunair S6 Components
Caterpillar Pressure Switch Kit
GM A6 Parts
John Deere 6E171 Manifold
New Clutch Connectors
New A/C Clutch Coils
New GM A6 / S6 Components
Honda CR-V Replacement Compressor
Dodge HS18 Clutch Coil Bulletin
Ford FS10 Compressors and Clutches
Sanden PXE16 Electronic Control Valve Bulletin
HFO1234yf Electronic Leak Detector Bulletin
New Denso 10S Parts Bulletin
2011 York Style Clutches
2011 Ford Scroll Compressors
GM HT6 Bolt-On Replacement
SD7V16 Compressors for VAG
POE 32 & 68 Refrigerant Lubricants 5-2014
New PAGs with ICE 32® and UV Dye
Direct Drive Compressor Tester 4-2014
New European Truck Accumulators & Driers 9-2013
R-1234yf Refrigerant Lubricant
Control Valves Special 7-2013
Updated Direct Drive Clutches 8-2012
European Agricultural A/C Compressors
European HD Truck A/C Compressors
Refrigerant Leak Detector
OEM Sanden PXE14/16 Clutch Hub
Electric AC Compressor
Direct Drive Clutch Assemblies
Refrigerant Scale Bulletin
New Opel Compressor Clutches
Refrigerant Calculators
R-134a Preseason Sale
R-134a Refrigerant
Sunair Europe 2009 Oil Product Line
R-134a 60kg Refrigerant
New Compressors Available From Europe
New Aftermarket Compressors
New Leak Stop Products
SAE Oil Fill
R-134A Quick Couplers
VW Over Riding Pulley Deal!
Delphi/GM CVC Clutch Coil Deal
Delphi CVC Clutch Hub
Leak Stop